Aug 30

Welcome to My Blog…

Hi, my name is Julian Knight and I’m a single dad of three boys. I’ve been divorced for four years. It’s been a long hard road, but through extensive research, discipline, and perseverance, I’ve managed to get my SingleDadLife on track. I look good, feel good, I have a healthy social/dating life, and I’m living my dream as a musician.

If there had been a one-stop resource for me as a new single dad to use after my divorce it wouldn’t have taken four years of failures to get to this point. So I’ve CREATED the resource that single dads need to accomplish what I have accomplished in much less time.

My goal with SingleDadLife is to provide the best advice and motivation for modern single dads of all ages who want to look good, feel good, and be the best dad they can be while living a singles lifestyle.

Just because you’re a single dad doesn’t mean your life is over.

You don’t have to sacrifice style, your health, your dreams, and your social life…in fact, your children need to see you looking good, feeling good, successful, and on top of your game.

As a dad (especially to boys), your children see you as their future selves, and it’s our job as dads to BE the man you want them to grow up to be.

That’s what SingleLifeDad is all about, and I look forward to sharing my experiences, failures, and successes with you all.